L’activitat física modifica com actua el nostre ADN

L’activitat física modifica com actua el nostre ADN

L'activitat física modfiica l'ADN influint en la seva estructura, però sense modificar la seqüència dels gens.


Cannabinoids improve symptoms in mice with endometriosis

Cannabinoids improve symptoms in mice with endometriosis

A new study suggests that cannabinoids can alleviate some symptoms of endomietrosis, the findings pave the way for further clinical research.


L’IMIM organitza el cicle “Visions de la Ciència. El nostre cervell aquest gran desconegut”

L’IMIM organitza el cicle “Visions de la Ciència. El nostre cervell aquest gran desconegut”

L'IMIM organitza aquest cicle amb la col·laboració de les Biblioteques de Barcelona.


IBE joins the Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units (UCC+i)

IBE joins the Network of Scientific Culture and Innovation Units (UCC+i)

Members of the UCC+i Network can establish contact, exchange communication and scientific communication practices and contents.


Every year around 280 scientific conferences take place at the PRBB. If you want to receive the weekly poster of the upcoming conferences by email, please contact with

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PRBB CRG Conferences

African killifishes shed light on the evolutionary and mechanistic basis of aging

Evolutionary and Experimental Biology of Ageing, Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing. Cologne, Germany

Dario R. Valenzano

Sala Marie Curie

PRBB CRG Conferences

Finding and exploiting causal regulatory variants in the GTEx data

University of Dundee, Scotland UK

Andrew Brown

Sala Marie Curie

PRBB CRG Conferences

Pet dogs, citizen science and the complex genetics of behavior

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, USA

Elinor Karlsson

Sala Marie Curie

Press clippings

Press clippings from the PRBB centres: 

"La estación de metro Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica acoge la intervención mural 'Leonardo da Vinci al PRBB'" a CatalunyaPress

Published at 25/07/2019

"Metro Ciutadella/Vila Olímpica inaugura intervención mural Leonardo Da Vinci" a La Vanguardia

Published at 24/07/2019

"Un estudio sobre el impacto de los plásticos se lleva el Premio PRBB al mejor trabajo de investigación de bachillerato" the PRBB in El Economista

Published at 07/05/2019

"Próximo reto, capital científica" PRBB at La Vanguardia

Published at 30/03/2019


Researchers at the PRBB work in a wide variety of fields within biomedicine, life sciences and human health. Every year they publish more than 1,200 original scientific articles in Science Citation Index (SCI) journals.

The PRBB communication and public relations departments try to help the media with anything they require. We are fast, effective and reliable. We can facilitate contacts with experts on almost any scientific issue related to health or biology, via the centres located in the park.


Reimund Fickert (Communication)
(+34) 606 988 423

Maruxa Martínez (Scientific editor)
(+34) 648 276 023

Mónica Rodriguez (PR)
(+34) 649 451 778

IMIM - Hospital del Mar

Rosa Manaut
(+34) 93 316 0707

Marta Calsina
(+34) 93 316 0680


Gerard Vall-llovera Calmet
tel.: +34 93 542 2100

Mari Carmen Cebrián (CEXS-UPF)
tel.: 93 316 0916


Gloria Lligadas 
(+34) 93 316 0153

Omar Jamshed
(+34) 93 316 0237


EMBL Barcelona

Carla Manzanas
(34) 93 316 0037

Iris Kruijen
(49) 6221 387-8443


Pau Rubio 
tel.: +34 669 877 850

Marta Solano
tel.: +34 696 912 841

Aleix Cabrera
tel.: +34 93 214 7333


Pilar Rodriguez-Franco
tel: 93 230 9500

* If you need information or want to contact a scientist at a given centre, please contact the respective communication officers of the centres.

 Intervals programma with courses for continuing education for the professional development of residents of the Barcelona biomedical research park

Professional development

The programme PRBB Intervals provides residents with a range of education and training opportunities in areas that complement their professional experience. PRBB Intervals offers about 40 courses grouped into the following themes: Interpersonal skills, System skills, Self skills, as well as Good science & Honest science. More information: PRBB Intervals Report

PRBB Intervals

How to write a scientific article

Susan Frekko

Sala de Juntes 4a planta (450.03)

PRBB Intervals

Mindfulness - a taster for science professionals

Andrés Martin

Sala Charles Darwin

PRBB Intervals

Técnicas actorales para la comunicación científica

Fernando Gallego

Sala Marie Curie

PRBB Intervals

Explaining your research to anyone - inside or outside science

Eric May

Sala Marie Curie