29/06/2014 - 09:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Practical Summer Course: Modeling for Systems Biology



We would like to invite you to the fourth Practical Summer Course: Modeling for Systems Biology. The 2014 edition of this successful course is again a joint initiative between the CRG and and will take place from Sunday June 29th till Friday July 4th, 2014 at the PRBB in Barcelona. The Systems Biology Summer Course aims to provide a broad introduction to systems biology, with a focus on dynamical modeling of networks, to an audience of PhD students and post-docs with a background in biology or bioinformatics. In addition to introducing researchers to new techniques and know-how, this course aims at fostering interactions between students and established figures in the field of systems biology.
Sunday: optional introductory session on elementary calculus and algebra (ordinary differential equations, linear algebra) and an introduction to Matlab. An understanding of these concepts is highly recommended to be able to follow the course itself.
Monday – Friday: theoretical lectures will cover the following topics: dynamical systems theory, stochastic systems, frameworks and methods to model biological networks, multivariate and multidimensional data analysis, techniques for parameter inference, reverse engineering, biophysical and cellular models. All theoretical concepts of the course will be accompanied by a series of hands-on exercises.
Our teaching team consists of world-class external investigators, CRG and SystemsX teachers and a team of internal PhD and post-docs to provide assistance during practical sessions.
  • Fernando AMAT, Janelia Farm Research Campus, Ashburn, USA
  • Kai DIERKES, CRG, Barcelona, Spain
  • Jordi GARCIA-OJALVO, UPF, Barcelona, Spain
  • Dagmar IBER, ETH Zurich, Basel, Switzerland
  • Andreea MUNTEANU, CRG, Barcelona, Spain
  • Theodore PERKINS, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Ottawa, Canada
  • Mukund THATTAI, NCBS, Bangalore, India
  • Marie Jeanne TRUSSART, CRG, Barcelona, Spain


Registration is now closed. Selected participants will be sent an email and asked to reconfirm their attendance no later than 23/04/2014. 

Johannes Jaeger, CRG
Hilde Janssens, CRG
Matthieu Louis, CRG
James Sharpe, CRG
Eavan Dorcey,