12/06/2014 - 09:00 - Auditori PRBB

V CRG Postdoctoral Symposium


Olivia Casanueva, Sebastian Maurer, Ludovica Montanucci, Abel González & others

Organizers: Anna Houben, Oliver Drechsel, Gwendal Dujardin, Bàrbara Negre, Pedro Vizá, Heng-Chang Chen, Elias Bechara & Postdoc Committee

Now celebrating its 5th anniversary, the CRG postdoc symposium has become an annual tradition. The whole CRG postdoc community makes an effort to put together a day of scientific exchange where postdocs from different CRG programmes take the opportunity to present their work. Although the format of the symposium has changed several times over the years, the main component is still the same. Making up the largest are talks by postdoc fellows, plus presentations by guest speakers. This year, the symposium organizers decided to invite two junior group leaders (one from CRG and one who was previously a CRG postdoc) and open it up to postdoc fellows from other PRBB institutes. So, we will have 2 guest postdocs from UPF laboratories. The whole CRG postdoc community will be very happy to share this day with all of you.

Invited Speakers:
• Olivia Casanueva (Babraham Institute, UK)
• Sebastian Maurer (CRG, Spain)
• Ludovica Montanucci (UPF, Spain)
• Abel González (UPF, Spain)

CRG Postdoc talks:
• Karthik Arugumam (GRSCC)
• Eva Yus (SB)
• Josse Van Galen (CDB)
• Luigi Aloia (GRSCC)
• Maria Plyuscheva (BiG)
• Nathalie Brouwers (CDB)
• Mirko Fracesconi (SB)
• Panagiotis Papasaikas (GRSCC)