01/09/2014 - 09:00 - CRG-PRBB

1st CRG Bio-Business School


Agustín Alconada (European Patent Attorney), Carla Snoeck (IP manager, VIB) etc.

The 1st CRG Bio-Business School will take place from September 1-5 at the CRG, in the PRBB building. The course shall:

  • Raise awareness about technology transfer among the participants through lectures and hands-on practical sessions
  • Teach the challenges, opportunities and tools to successfully transfer basic knowledge “from the lab to the market”;
  • Identify projects with technology transfer/business potential that could otherwise remain undisclosed;
  • Match basic science in biomedicine, bioinformatics, etc. with business;
  • Have participants function as “signal amplifiers”, able to spread the knowledge acquired amongst other colleagues, and apply it to new projects;
  • Stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

The course has been built based on the successful “International Summer School on Technology Transfer in Life Sciences”, organized by the Technische Universität Dresden (one of ETTBio’s partners) in September 2013 and is part of the CRG STAR initiative, which aims to raise awareness, among life sciencee researchers at different career stages, of technology transfer, to promote the “from the lab to the market” idea, and stimulate a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

For more information on speakers and the program, and for free registration, go the course website.