17/12/2014 - 11:00

"Push the limits of your brain": Systems Neurosciences Christmas Mini Symposium 2014


Gustavo Deco, Stephen Dunne, Luis Martínez Otero, María Victoria Sánchez-Vives

When? Wednesday December 17th, 2014. 11:00-16:30hr.
Who? Hosts: Center of Genomic Regulation (CRG), Cellular and Systems Neurobiology lab directed by Mara Dierssen & Neurosciences Research Program-Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) directed by Rafael de la Torre.

  • Gustavo Deco, Computational Neuroscience Group (UPF)
  • Stephen Dunne, Neuroscience Research Starlab Consulting Division (Starlab Ldt.)
  • Luis Martínez Otero, The Visual Analogy Lab (Instituto Neurociencias Alicante, CSIC-UMH)
  • María Victoria Sánchez-Vives, Cortical Networks and Virtual Environments in Neuroscience (ICREA-IDIBAPS and EventLab-UB)

Call for the poster session
Deadline: 15th December, 2014
Send your poster to Marta Fructuosa (, with the subject “Systems Biology Christmas Symposium 2014 Poster Submission”. Confirmation will be sent via e-mail
More information about the poster call
11:00-11:10h Opening
Mara Dierssen
11:15-12:30h Dry Neuroscience
Session chair: Linus Manubens Gil
11:15-11:20h - Introduction
11:20-11:40h – Linking the functional and structural connectome
 Gustavo Deco
11:40-11:55h – Discussion
11:55-12:15h – Neuromodulation and cognitive enhancement
Stephen Dunne
12:15-12:30h – Discussion
12:30-13:00h Speedy Poster Session
Session chair: Marta Fructuoso Castellar
13:15-14:15h Christmas tapas & Posters
14:15-15:15h Wet Neuroscience
Session chair: Thomas Gener
14:15-14:20h - Introduction
14:20-14:40h – Information bottlenecks in the early visual pathway
Luis Martínez Otero
14:40-14:55h – Discussion
14:55-15:15h – What spontaneous activity can tell us about cortical function
María Victoria Sánchez-Vives
15:15-15:30h – Discussion
15:30-16:00h Roundtable “the future of neuroscience”
Session chair: María Martínez de Lagrán/ Marcos Quevedo Díaz
15:15-15:20h - Introduction
16:00 h Closure and farewell drink
Mara Dierssen
Marie Curie Room at PRBB Building
C/ Dr. Aiguader, 88
08003 Barcelona, Spain

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