24/10/2016 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Stress response functions of ADAR1 RNA editing enzyme regulated by MAP kinases

Scientific sessions, PRBB CRG Conferences

Kazuko Nishikura

Gene Expression and Regulation Program, The Wistar Institute. Philadelphia, USA

Nishikura, from The Wistar Institute in Philadelphia, USA, discovered and characterized a family of enzymes called ADAR (adenosine deaminases acting on RNA), which can affect how proteins are made by editing the RNA transcribed from DNA. She has worked to understand how the malfunction of this process can lead to disease, including some psychiatric disorders and metabolic diseases. In particular, she is interested in the tendency of ADAR to form large multipart protein complexes, and the exact role these complexes play in the biology of the cell. She has been invited by Juan Valcárcel (CRG).