11/05/2012 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

"Mechanisms and Evolution of Mammalian Transcriptional Regulation"

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Jonathan Ewbank

Centre d’Inmunologie de Marseille-Luminy , France

Jonathan Ewbank, from the Centre d’Inmunologie de Marseille-Luminy in Marseille, France, will give a talk entitled "Mechanisms and Evolution of Mammalian Transcriptional Regulation" next Friday, May 11 at 12h, at the Marie Curie seminar room. He has been invited by Ben Lehner (CRG). 

Ewbank is interested in Caenorhabditis elegans as a model to better understand the mechanisms of defense against infections by fungi and bacteria. He focuses on how the epidermis of C. elegans reacts to infection. An important part of the reaction of the epidermis is a rapid induction of the expression of many antimicrobial peptide genes. Ewbank is dissecting the molecular mechanisms that control this innate immune response and tries to delineate the different signaling pathways that control it. He uses a combination of direct genetic screens and genome-wide iRNA screens to identify all the genes that intervene in the response of C. elegans to fungal infection, and to find novel signaling components. Ewbank uses in vivo TAP-tag, co-IP and ChIP approaches, together with Y1H and Y2H screens, to characterize protein complexes involved in signaling networks. He also applies classical immunofluorescence and cryo-immuno EM methods to gain insight into innate immune signaling at the sub-cellular level. 

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