13/09/2017 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

Updated TCGA 2017 urothelial cancer analysis

Scientific sessions, PRBB CRG Conferences

David Kwiatkowski

Medical Oncology Department, Harvard Medical School. Boston, USA

David Kwiatkowski, from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School in Boston, USA, is interested in the tumor suppressor gene syndrome Tuberous Sclerosis (TSC), its causative genes, TSC1 and TSC2, and regulation both in normal and cancer cells of mTOR. His group pursues studies on the human molecular genetics of TSC, develop mouse models using null and conditional alleles of Tsc1 and Tsc2, explore biochemical and signalling pathways and therapeutic approaches. They have a particular interest in mosaicism in TSC, and the pathogenesis of all of the tumours that occur in this disease, including lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), angiomyolipomas, subependymal giant cell astrocytomas, and renal carcinoma. He has been invited by Joaquim Bellmunt.