17/10/2012 - 12:00 - Auditori PRBB

Spatiotemporal regulation of epidermal stem cells in health and disease

Scientific sessions, CRG Group Leader Seminars

Salvador Aznar

Gene Regulation, Stem Cells and Cancer Programme, CRG

Salvador Aznar Benitah obtained his Honours Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) in 1998. He then obtained his PhD studies in 2003 in Molecular Oncology at the Biomedical Research Institute in Madrid (Spain). In 2003 he moved to London as a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Prof. Fiona Watt at the London Research Institute (Cancer Research UK) where he became interested in studying the behavior of adult stem cells. He established is own lab at the Center for Genomic Regulation in 2007 as a Junior ICREA researcher.

His lab aims at identifying and characterizing the molecular mechanisms underlying the function of adult stem cells, in particular those that are responsible for the maintenance of stratified epithelia. The recent work of his lab has been mainly focused in understanding how adult stem cells are spatiotemporally regulated, how they communicate with their local and systemic environment, and how does stem cell misfunction contribute to tissue aging and tumorigenesis. Since September 2012 Salvador is an ICREA Researcher.