19/12/2012 - 12:00 - Auditori PRBB

Biochemical scissors: cutting membranes to make transport carriers

Scientific sessions, CRG Group Leader Seminars

Vivek Malhotra

Cell and Developmental Biology Programme, CRG

Vivek Malhotra received BA and D.Phil from Stirling University (1992) and Oxford (1985), respectively. He was a postdoc at Stanford’s Biochemistry Department and started his independent carrier at University of California San Diego in 1990. He joined the CRG as the coordinator of the cell and Developmental Biology Department in 2008.

He is interested in the mechanism of cell compartmentation with specific focus on the process of protein secretion and the biogenesis of the Golgi complex. He will present new findings that are beginning to reveal the mechanism by which Golgi membranes are cut to produce transport carriers to commensurate with cargo during protein secretion.