09/01/2013 - 12:00 - Sala 473.10

Vavilov's homologous series and endangered species: four seasons beyond the polar circle in photos

Scientific sessions, CRG Group Leader Seminars

Fyodor Kondrashov

Bioinformatics and Genomics Programme, CRG

Fyodor Kondrashov´s talk at the Group Leader Seminar´s this week won´t be a typical scientific talk! At least mostly not - He will mention just briefly some of the scientific aspects of the field work he´s been doing for years: the study of endangered species and fauna distribution and his attempt to study the Vavilov's law of homologous series in Turdus species. But he will mostly focus on the realities of working in the field in Chukotka, Yakutiya and the Altai region. He will touch on the aspects of travel, survival, remote isolation and realities of local life. All of these aspects will be richly illustrated by hiw photographs and the that of other expedition members.



Fyodor is a Junior Group Leader in Evolutionary Genomics at the CRG. In parallel to his research in bioinformatics and evolutionary theory he participates in ornithological and ecological field studies, mostly as support personal. He began his field research career while a graduate student at the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology department in UCSD spending two seasons in the Arctic region of Chukotka. Since joining the CRG Fyodor started to integrate genomic and evolutionary expertise with field research. Recent expeditions included sample collection trips and ecological studies in Chukotka, Yakutiya, Altai and Tadjikistan.