20/09/2013 - 12:00 - Sala Marie Curie

New roles for ER structure and dynamics at organelle contact sites

Scientific sessions, PRBB CRG Conferences

Gia Voeltz

Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, University of Colorado. Boulder, USA

Gia Voeltz, from the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at the University of Colorado, USA, is interested in organelle biogenesis. She is trying to understand how membrane-bound organelles, in particular the endoplasmic reticulum (ER), are generated. Some of the questions she tries to answer are how is the ER disassembled and reassembled into the correct structure following the cell cycle, or the effect of ER shape on differentiated and polarized cell morphologies. She has been invited by Pedro Carvalho (CRG).