21/11/2013 - 09:00 - Cosmocaixa

Barcelona Conferences on Epigenetics and Cancer: Challenges, opportunities and perspectives

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Carlo M. Croce, Luciano Di Croce, Manel Esteller, Amos Tanay, Tony Kouzarides, etc.

As a joint venture of five leading Barcelonian institutes, including the CRG, the Barcelona Conferences of Epigenetics and Cancer (BCEC) series has been launched to bring together leading investigators in the fields of chromatin research and cancer.

The first of the BCEC series will take place on November 21-22 at CosmoCaixa. It is coorganized by B·Debate and IMPPC, and will focus on discussing in breadth and depth the current challenges, opportunities and perspectives of cancer epigenetics. More specialized topics will ensue in subsequent years.

Speakers for this first edition include: Carlo M. Croce, Luciano Di Croce, Manel Esteller, Andrew Feinberg, Kristian Helin, Rudolf Jaenisch, Thomas Jenuwein, Tony Kouzarides, Sandra Peiró, Manuel Perucho, Bing Ren, Raffaella Santoro, Henk Stunnenberg, Amos Tanay, Marcus Buschbeck

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