CEXS-UPF: Synthetic biology helps improve human health

CEXS-UPF: Synthetic biology helps improve human health

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Synthetic biology gives organisms new functions they don't naturally have. In some countries, like the United Kingdom, it is already becoming an essential technology for applications that may contribute, for example, to detecting and treating cancerous tumors, producing drugs or recreating extinct species.

Various leading scientists who are experts in this field will discuss the medical applications of synthetic biology at the upcoming B·Debate, an initiative of Biocat and the "la Caixa" Foundation. The event, which will take place on 17 and 18 September at CaixaForum Barcelona, aims to bridge the gap between the different positions and find applications for synthetic biology that meet society's needs.

These sessions, entitled Synthetic Biology. From Standard Biological Parts to Artificial Life , are organized by B·Debate and Pompeu Fabra University with collaboration from the Integrative Synthetic Biology Centre at Warwick University (UK), Boston University Biological Design Center (USA) and the Biomass Systems and Synthetic Biology Center at the University of Sao Paulo (Brazil).

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