CRG: A company created by CRG Alumni wins the Startup Competition 2015

CRG: A company created by CRG Alumni wins the Startup Competition 2015

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S-Biomedic, a biotech company co-founded by Veronika Oudova and CRG Alumni Bernhard Paetzold and Marc Güell has been awarded the Healthcare and Biotech Startup Competition Prize. This news was announced last month in Madrid during the South Summit 2015 meeting, which celebrated entrepreneurship and innovation.

King Felipe VI of Spain attended the closure event and presented the awards to the winners. In all the categories (Digital Solutions for Mass Markets, Healthcare and Biotech, Industrial Revolution 2.0, Tech for the Big Players, and The Next Big Thing), the contest aims were to recognise those startups, which most well demonstrated innovation, viability, scalability, and the potential to peek the interest to potential investors.

Amongst the 1,800 startups participating from more than 15 different countries, the biotech company S-Biomedic won the Startup Competition in the Healhtcare and Biotech category. S-Biomedic is a biotech startup using cutting edge technology to produce live probiotic cosmetics. Their advanced skin care products help in acne recovery, skin aging, as well as the enhancement of skin health and beauty.

Two of the S-Biomedic cofounders are CRG Alumni. Both, Bernhard Paetzhold and Marc Güell (currently a Wyss Technology Develpment Fellow at the Wyss Institute of the Harvard University) were previously within the Design of Biological Systems laboratory led by Luis Serrano and have received the advise from the CRG Technology & Business Development Office.

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