CREAL: BioCloud, a new startup with CREAL participation

CREAL: BioCloud, a new startup with CREAL participation

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A new startup has been created with the participation of Juan Ramón González, group leader of the Bioinformatic Unit at CREAL, an ISGlobal allied center, as scientific and technical advisor. This is a joint collaboration with two PhD students of PRBB centers, Alba Gutierrez (Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB, IMIM-UPF) and Guillem Ylla (Institute of Evolutionary Biology, IBE), and a informatics engineer, Ernest Bofill.

The newborn startup BioCloud aims to provide cloud solutions for bioinformatic challenges such as the lack of computational power, lack of reproducibility of data analysis or data sharing difficulties among others. The startup also provides teaching tools for university courses and workshops when high computational power or data storage is needed. Currently Biocloud has started by providing support at Master of Omic Data Analysis (UVIc) and Master of Bioinformatics (UAB).

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