CEXS-UPF: The Mar campus launches the pilot of the Administrative Management Unit

CEXS-UPF: The Mar campus launches the pilot of the Administrative Management Unit

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The Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (DCEXS) and the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences of Pompeu Fabra University join to form the Academic Coordination Unit (UCA) provisionally called " UCA for Health and Life Sciences". With this change the management seeks to eliminate the existent dichotomy between faculty and department and merge the two organizations with the direction of the Mar campus to form a single structure for the territorial government.

To start warming up, last Wednesday, 20 January, a meeting took place that gathered the whole personnel from the administrative units that are being fused: the secretary's offices of the department and the faculty, the economic management section and the general services. The director of the Mar campus, Fina Lorente, explained the advantages that the UCA will bring and she signalled the start of the pilot test of the Administrative Management Unit that will last until summer and in which the employees will be principal actors.

The creation of the UCA involves a simplification in the administrative architecture trough the stablishment of an Aministrative Management Unit (UGA) that comprises the Unit for Economy and General Services and the Support Unit for Teaching. As Fina Lorente says, the objective of the UGA is to achieve "an organization aimed at the change, the innovation, the versatility and the flexibility, leading us to a more agile campus, where people can serve where they are most needed, taking into account workloads, profiles and interests."

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