IMIM: New type 2 diabetes biomarker identified

IMIM: New type 2 diabetes biomarker identified

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Researchers from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) have found an epigenetic mechanism implicated in the regulation of blood sugar. The study, published in the journal Molecular Human Genetics, reveals that the methylation of the TXNIP gene is associated with diabetes mellitus type 2 and, in particular, average blood glucose levels. These results, replicated in two patient cohorts, could help to both identify patients at risk of developing diabetes and control treatment response, as well as generating possible future therapies for this disease, one of the major cardiovascular risk factors in the population.

The work was coordinated by Carolina Soriano, from the Neurovascular research group at the IMIM, and Jordi Jiménez Conde, from the same group and a neurologist at the Hospital del Mar, in collaboration with the IMIM's Cardiovascular Epidemiology and Genetics group.

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Reference article:
Soriano C, Jiménez-Conde J, Giralt E, Mola M, Vivanco R, Ois A, Rodríguez-Campello A, Cuadrado E, Sayols-Baixeras S, Elosua R, Roquer J, on behalf of the GENESTROKE Consortium. Epigenome-wide association study identifies TXNIP gene associated with Type 2 diabetes mellitus and sustained hyperglycemia. Hum Mol Genet 2015