CEXS-UPF: ICREA Academy 2015 gives eight distinctions for UPF

CEXS-UPF: ICREA Academy 2015 gives eight distinctions for UPF

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On Tuesday March 15 took place the ceremony of the eighth edition of ICREA Academy 2015 distinctions awarded by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government) in recognition of the work of faculty research that operates in a Catalan public university and also helps to retain research talent within the university system of Catalonia. Each of the thirty researchers recognized as ICREA Academy will receive 40,000 Euros per year for a period of five years. The mention implies the priority dedication to research and is exclusively directed to university teachers who are lecturing and expanding their research phase.

Pompeu Fabra University in this edition has achieved eight ICREA Academy mentions. From the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences, the following teachers have been distinguished: Elena Bosch, leader of the Evolutionary Population Genetics Lab; Elena Hidalgo, co-leader of the Oxidative Stress and Cell Cycle Research Group; Rafael Maldonado, leader of the Neuropharmacology Lab and Cristina Pujades, leader of the Neurodevelopmental Biology Research Group; from the Department of Information and Communications Technologies , Emilia Gómez and Ángel Lozano; from the Department of Economics and Business, Libertad González Luna and, finally, from the Department of Humanities , Josep Maria Fradera.

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