CEXS-UPF: Pompeu Fabra University to welcome Nobel Prize winner Aaron Ciechanover

CEXS-UPF: Pompeu Fabra University to welcome Nobel Prize winner Aaron Ciechanover

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The researcher Aaron Ciechanover, director of the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine and Research Institute of the Technion Israel Institute of Technology and winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004, will give the conference on 1 April entitled " The Ubiquitin Proteolytic System: From Basic Mechanisms through Human Diseases and on to Drug Targeting". The event, part of the 25 th anniversary celebrations at UPF, will be presided by the University rector, Jaume Casals, accompanied by Quim Gea, dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and David Comas, director of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (DCEXS). It is scheduled for 12.00 noon at the Auditorium of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB).

Like multicellular organisms, cells need to remove residual substances to cleanse themselves . Aaron Ciechanover, together with Avram Hershko and Irwin Rose, discovered the cellular process that allows the excretion of waste proteins: ubiquitination. Ubiquitin, a molecule that seems to be present in almost all tissues (hence its name, from "ubiquitous"), binds to certain proteins and drives them towards the proteasome, a cell complex that degrades them in order to allow their subsequent recycling. The discovery of ubiquitination, a key mechanism in processes such as cell division cycle, DNA repair or the action of the immune system, led the three researchers to win the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2004. Ubiquitination is an essential process for the proper functioning of cells and its alteration has been involved in illnesses such as cancer or neurodegenerative disorders.

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