CEXS-UPF: Rin4' competition kicks off

CEXS-UPF: Rin4' competition kicks off

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During 19, 20 and 21 April, PhD students at Pompeu Fabra University will be presenting their research in front of a jury in a maximum time of four minutes. This is the qualifying round of the Rin4' (Research in 4 minutes) competition, the final of which will take place on 27 April on Ciutadella campus. The current edition of the competition has 57 participants, most of who belong to the field of Health and Life Sciences and Information and Communication Technologies. The other participants are spread across the fields of Law, History, Humanities, Translation and Language Sciences, Economics, Communication, and Political and Social Sciences. Each of the students will present their research in front of a non-specialized jury composed of three members of Pompeu Fabra University.

From the 57 participants, 12 will be chosen to enter the final. The winners will receive a monetary reward: the grand prize winner will receive €900; the second, €600; the third, €300, and the winner of the special prize will receive €200. Rin4' is an initiative of the PhD School at Pom peu Fabra University. The purpose is to underscore the importance of communication skills in the dissemination of science. The presentations will be evaluated based on their academic significance, clarity of expression, and the speaker's capacity and ability to convey his or her ideas and hold the attention of the audience in general, with a view to making science and knowledge more accessible to the lay public.

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