CEXS-UPF: DCEXS MdM Exploratory Inter-Program Projects

CEXS-UPF: DCEXS MdM Exploratory Inter-Program Projects

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The DCEXS opens the call "DCEXS MdM Exploratory Inter-Program Projects"

To fund the development of exploratory projects in areas prioritized in the DCEXS MdM proposal, with the aim to motivate the collaboration between different research programs from the department.

1. Proposed projects should be i nterdisciplinary: either by combining different methodological approaches (i.e. wet lab, engineering, computation...), model organisms, or experimental settings.
2. Projects should involve two or more groups from different programs.
3. Groups must provide evidence of expertise and complementary resources (existing personnel, funds, and methodology) for carrying out the project.
4. Projects will be co-funded by the DCEXS and all programs involved.
5. Only PIs who perform their research full time at DCEXS are eligible.
6. PIs can only participate in one project per call.

The DCEXS, through its MdM programme, will allocate a maximum of 300K €, distributed in three calls of 100K € each.
Total budget per project should be maximum 20K €, to be distributed throughout the project's duration (between 1 to 2 years, non extendable).

Application calendar and format:
For the duration of the MdM, there will be one call/year.
First call: September 2016. The call will open on the 1/09/2016, and the deadline to submit applications will be the 15/09/2016.


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