CRG and CEXS-UPF: Barcelona, in the spotlight of systems biology

CRG and CEXS-UPF: Barcelona, in the spotlight of systems biology

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Barcelona (Spain) will host the 17th edition of the International Conference on Systems Biology. From 16th to 20th September, biologists, physicists, engineers, and computer scientists, among others, will gather together to share and discuss the latest results in this emerging field of research. The opening ceremony, to be held on Friday 16th, will be attended by the Minister of Business and Knowledge from the Catalan Government Mr. Jordi Baiget.

“While the discipline of systems biology is already coming of age and pervades all areas of biology, there is still the need for a common forum in which the researchers working in this transversal field get together periodically,” explains UPF professor Jordi García-Ojalvo. “Bringing the meeting to Barcelona is an exciting opportunity for the strong local biomedical and biotechnological community to showcase our research and interact with the global network of researchers working in this field,” he adds. “We will showcase not only fundamental questions in complex biology but also applications of systems biology in cancer, personalized medicine and synthetic biology,” confirms ICREA research professor at CRG and ICSB 2016 co-organiser James Sharpe.  

The program includes sessions on a variety of topics, irrespective of the model system (from prokaryotes to eukaryotes, and from molecules to cells to organs). Two highlights of the conference are biomedical applications (with sessions on cancer, immunology, stem cells, and personalised medicine) and synthetic biology (with a dedicated parallel session and a plenary discussion around the topic of bio-hacking the planet). 

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