CEXS-UPF: iGEM UPF-CRG team 2017 call

CEXS-UPF: iGEM UPF-CRG team 2017 call

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The UPF Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (DCEXS) and of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) of Pompeu Fabra University and the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) offer support to a team of 3 rd and 4 th year undergraduate students to participate in the 2018 edition of the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) competition.

The iGEM competition is a worldwide synthetic biology competition aimed at undergraduate university students. In this team-based research approach, students design and build innovative and sophisticated genetically engineered biological systems given a BioBrick® kit from the iGEM Registry of Standard Biological Parts. Participants must incorporate this kit along with new parts they design into their genetic systems. In the fall, teams from around the world gather at the iGEM Jamboree to present their work.

The support includes seed funding (up to €10.000), lab space and support from faculty and administrative staff. The project can start during the 3 rd year but mainly should be developed during the 4 th year of the students' degrees, towards their participation in the iGEM Jamboree at the end of the 4 th year.

The call will be explained in further detail, and young scientists from the iGEM 2016 Team will tell you about their project and their experience at the iGEM Giant Jamboree in Boston on Thursday 3 rd November from 18.30 to 19.30 at Room 61.232 UPF Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.

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