ISGlobal: Members of the European Parliament attend ISGlobal workshop on EU advocacy

ISGlobal: Members of the European Parliament attend ISGlobal workshop on EU advocacy

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On October 21, members of the European Parliament José Blanco and Soledad Cabezón, together with members of the DSW organization, participated in a workshop on EU advocacy that took place at the ISGlobal. The goal of the workshop, organized by Global Development's director Leire Pajín, and Sarah Davoren, preaward manager, was to provide ISGlobal principal investigators an opportunity to interact with the MEPs, share experiences, and explore ways in which the institution can influence priority setting for the next EU research programme.

After a few words by ISGlobal director of Policy and Global Development, Rafael Vilasanjuán, ISGlobal scientific director Josep M. Antó and Manolis Kogevinas, Head of the Cancer Programme, talked about their experiences in advocacy in the H2020 Programme. 

José Blanco, who is part of the Industry, Research and Energy (ITRE) Committee at the European Parliament gave a brief overview on the role of such Committee in evaluating the current H2020 and in defining the next framework programme (FP9), and suggested some mechanisms whereby ISGlobal can actively participate in the process. In fact, Soledad Cabezón, from the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) Committee, will be the rapporteur for the European Parliament on the Horizon 2020 midterm review that will take place mainly during 2017 and 2018. She reminded the participants that the three main axes of the current H2020 programme are: excellent science, industrial leadership, and societal challenges where health is one of the main pillars. 

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