CEXS-UPF: Funcas distinguishes the research in atherothrombosis

CEXS-UPF: Funcas distinguishes the research in atherothrombosis

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Rosa Suades has been awarded by the institution Funcas with one of the Enrique Fuentes Quintana Awards to the best doctoral theses. The Enrique Fuentes Quintana Awards are divided in four specific areas: Social Sciences; Health Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Architecture and Physics, and Humanities. Of 165 doctoral theses presented in the category of Health Sciences, Rosa Suades received the award for her work "Role of microparticles in atherothrombosis", directed by Lina Badimon and Teresa Padró and carried out at the Cardiovascular Research Center. 

The awarded thesis provides the first evidence that circulating microparticles in blood and vascular cells are a rich source of information for the cardiovascular compartment. In this sense, microparticles appear as potential markers of atherothrombosis, a disease in which preexisting atherosclerotic lesions form a thrombus. Students Felipe Valencia, also from Pompeu Fabra University; Guillermo Suárez, from Carlos III University of Madrid, and César Rina, from University of Navarra, received the awards in the categories of Social Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics, Architecture and Physics, and Humanities, respectively.

Funcas rewards the excellence of the work in economic and social research in its academic format, the doctoral theses, since year 2007. So far, it granted the prize in a single area, that of the Social Sciences, but since this year, the Foundation has expanded it to three new categories, Health Sciences; Engineering, Mathematics or Physics, and Humanities. The objective is to reward the effort, the commitment and the work that demands the accomplishment of a doctoral thesis. The prizes are endowed with five thousand gross euros and the publication of the thesis in the collection "Foundation Studies".

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