CMRB: The CMR[B] participates in ADVANCECAT, promoting advanced therapies in Catalonia

CMRB: The CMR[B] participates in ADVANCECAT, promoting advanced therapies in Catalonia

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Enabling the arrival of advanced therapies from pre-clinical stages to industrial production and clinical application: this is the objective of ADVANCECAT project, led by the University of Barcelona (UB) and Ferrer, and build up by eighteen entities of the health field in which there are two universities, twelve biomedical research institutes or private foundations, and four companies.

The project aims to reinforce the Catalan industrial sector by promoting the identification of mechanisms and protocols that allow industrial production of these drugs. Promoting interaction between research centers and hospitals and committed business tissue in these kinds of therapies will encourage the fast transition of the new drugs in the health system, which would however need long periods of development in lots of cases.

The consortium has a starting budget of more than 2,8 million euros, out of which 969.352,28 € are co-funded by ACCIÓ (agency for the business competitiveness; Generalitat de Catalunya) and the European Union in the framework of the active program Catalonia FEDER 2014-2020 (European Regional Development Fund).

Different kinds of stem cells are being used in clinical trials in ADVANCECAT with the aim of regenerating tissues. These treatments go from using stem cells from bone marrows or fat to pluripotent stem cells. In ADVANCECAT there will also be translational studies to apply these cells to patients with cardiovascular or neurological diseases in projects involving the University of Barcelona (UB), Barcelona Macula Fundation, Bioibérica and the Center of Regenerative Medicine of Barcelona (CMR[B]).

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