CRG: EU-LIFE’s vision for the next European Programme FP9

CRG: EU-LIFE’s vision for the next European Programme FP9

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The Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), together with other 12 European research institutes composing the EU-LIFE alliance, contributes shaping the future of European research and innovation. In a statement released today, they envision the future for the next framework programme. Excellent scientific research should be prioritised as the major booster of innovation by significantly increasing the funding of the highly successful European Research Council.

To raise the potential for disruptive innovation, collaborative, open-ended research across Europe should again be a focus of the next framework programme. FP9 should also support and strengthen the pool of talent and infrastructure that is at the heart of ground-breaking research & innovation. Through all these recommendations, EU-LIFE contributes to discuss the challenging perspectives of research in Europe including the next framework programme (FP9) and overall science policy.

“Again, this is an example on how small institutes performing research under the excellence basis can be crucial also shaping the future research and innovation activities in Europe. EU-LIFE started operating in 2013 and, in only 3 years, we are a strong voice in Europe contributing on how research and innovation can best contribute to our society, and pushing European science forward,” states Luis Serrano, director of the CRG and member of the EU-LIFE Consortium.

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