CRG: Sticking the tongue out, again, for science

CRG: Sticking the tongue out, again, for science

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The project “Saca La Lengua” (Stick Out Your Tongue) begins its second edition this week in Barcelona. The CRG and “La Caixa” Bank Foundation continue to promote this citizen science project meant to discover the variety of micro-organisms that live in our mouths, specifically bacteria, and determine whether given varieties are related with any environmental and/or lifestyle trait.

The project is based on the map of Spanish youth’s oral microbiome that resulted from the first running of “Saca La Lengua”. “Now that we have managed to draw up a standard oral microbiome of adolescents in Spain, and we have found variations related with dietary habits or lifestyle, we must make the most of this knowledge to respond to new questions, such as identifying differences between healthy youth and other population groups,” says Toni Gabaldón, ICREA research professor at the CRG and scientific director of “Saca La Lengua”.

The results attained in the first running of the project make up a large-scale description of the resolution of the oral microbiome in an adolescent population of Spain. One example of the things researchers would like to know is how this microbiome evolves as a person ages. For that reason, in this second running, samples will be taken from the same students (now, two years on), as well as from the adult population. Other scientifically relevant matters in this new running focus on the changes that certain pathologies such as celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, Down syndrome, or anorexia cause in the microbiome and if it is possible to discover to what extent the information on the oral microbiome of these patients could be useful for the diagnosis and possible treatments of the dental conditions of these groups.

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