CEXS-UPF: The second scientific coffee on mental illnesses is focused on addictions

CEXS-UPF: The second scientific coffee on mental illnesses is focused on addictions

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On Wednesday, 22 February, will take place the second session of the initiative " Progressing with and for you: Scientific Coffees about Menatl Illnesses". On this occasion, the central topic will be addictions and it will count with the participation of Rafael Maldonado, group leader of the Neuropharmacology Lab of UPF; Marta Torrens, psychiatrist at the Hospital del Mar; Antonia Domingo, head of the Research Group on Epidemiology of Drug Abuse Institute Hospital del Mar Medical Research, and Judit Vall, director of research at the Centre for Research in Health and Economics (CRES) at UPF.

Progressing with and for you brings together patients, patients' families, researchers and doctors in a warm and close environment in which to share their knowledge and experiences about a certain mental illness. In a scientific coffee there aren't experts and no experts: everyone has things to explain and things to learn, they all share the same theme and bring different visions.

The Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of UPF organizes for the second consecutive year this initiative, winner in 2015 of the competition for University Social Responsibility of the UPF and which counts with UPF's Board of Trustees, the Fundación Salud Mental Cataluña and the Federación Catalana de Drogodependencias as collaborating entities. Progressing with and for you is a project led by Fina Lorente, director of UPF Mar campus, and Gema Revuelta, director of the Center for Studies in Science, Communication and Society (CCS-UPF). Gemma Esparó, administrative technician, and Carolina Pozo, scientific communicator at the University, are the coordinators. 

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