IMIM: New research groups at the IMIM

IMIM: New research groups at the IMIM

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On 27th February, the IMIM Steering Committee was given the green light to create three new research groups at the institute: the Epilepsy Research Group, coordinated by Rodrigo Alberto Rocamora and part of the Neurosciences research programme; the GPCR drug discovery Research Group, coordinated by Jana Selent and part of the research programme in Biomedical Informatics; and the Colorectal Neoplasms Clinical and Translational Research Group, within the Cancer research programme and alternately coordinated by Xavier Bessa and Miquel Pera. This last group has arisen from a merger between the Colorectal Cancer Research Group that Miguel Pera was coordinating and the Translational Research in Colorectal Neoplasia group that was coordinated by Montserrat Andreu.

However, recently two groups have also been decomissioned: the Childhood and Environment Research Group (Neurosciences research programme) that was coordinated by Oscar Garcia-Algar, as the group has transferred to Hospital Clínic; and the Chromatin Dynamics in Tumour Cells Research Group (Cancer research programme), previously coordinated by Sandra Peiró, due to her recent move to Vall d'Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO).

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