CRG: EMBL and CRG strengthen links

CRG: EMBL and CRG strengthen links

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At a ceremony in Barcelona today, EMBL and the Spanish government, as represented by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO), signed an agreement for a new EMBL site to be hosted in the city. The ceremony was also attended by the Catalan Government, represented by the Ministry of Business and Knowledge, and the CRG, which have supported this initiative from the very beginning.

EMBL Barcelona will be located on the PRBB, and researchers at the site will focus on how tissues and organs function and develop, and how preventing failures in those processes can lead to tackling disease. Alongside cutting-edge research, the site will house state-of-the-art imaging facilities able to extract complex 4D information from tissues and organs. “Tissue biology and disease modelling is an exciting field, where we expect breakthroughs in fundamental research and also in terms of future medical applications. EMBL Barcelona will be in a unique position to lead those advances,” says EMBL Director-General Iain Mattaj. 

Scientists at EMBL Barcelona will tackle key challenges around human health. Molecular biology, genomics, and structural biology have been key strains of EMBL success over the last two decades but many health issues like cancer, diseases of the immune system and birth defects involve flaws in how cells arrange themselves and interact at the tissue level. 

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