CRG: Bringing CRG research to the park at the Barcelona Science Festival

CRG: Bringing CRG research to the park at the Barcelona Science Festival

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The CRG participated once again in the Barcelona Science Festival. This year, the traditional two day Barcelona Science Fair at the Ciutadella Park became a two week festival including several activities and initiatives across the city. In its 11th edition, the Barcelona Science Festival was focused on the challenges of the future. Many research institutes, universities and companies participated in this event, organising more than 100 activities. It gathered together more than 15,000 people of all ages and with different interests, who were able to exchange knowledge and ideas with scientists.

Toni Gabaldón, ICREA research professor and group leader of the Comparative Genomics laboratory, gave a short talk about the oral microbiome and presented some results from the CRG citizen science project Saca La Lengua. Núria Andreu, Luca Cozzuto, and Elisabetta Broglio organised a demonstration and explained some of the methodology of this project.

Marta Inglés from the Regulation of Protein Synthesis in Eukaryotes laboratory, Álvaro Castells from the Reprogramming and Regeneration laboratory, and Marina Marcet-Houben from the Comparative Genomics laboratory participated in a quick tour of the future of genome research. They briefly presented some of their research projects with the help of a plate and dough pieces. People attending this activity were absolutely fascinated and surprised by the research projects.

When night fell, Mara Dierssen, group leader of the Cellular and Systems Neurobiology laboratory, organised a concert which included the Brain Polyphony technology. In this concert, brain activity was the driving force for creative music. 

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