CRG: Miguel Beato and Roni Wright awarded by the Catalan Society of Biology

CRG: Miguel Beato and Roni Wright awarded by the Catalan Society of Biology

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Miguel Beato was awarded the SCB Prize in recognition of his career. A prize which recognises outstanding scientists in the field of life sciences that have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of life science research in Catalonia. Beato was awarded this prize for his life long scientific contributions to our understanding of hormone regulation in gene expression and its role in breast cancer. The Catalan Society of Biology also highlighted his role as founder and director of the CRG.

On the other hand, Roni Wright, postdoctoral researcher at Beato’s lab, was awarded the SCB Prize in the category of best scientific article. The jury awarded her recent work titled «ADP-ribose-derived nuclear ATP synthesis by NUDIX5 is required for chromatin remodeling», which was published in Science. “It represents the first evidence that ATP can be produced within the cell nucleus, which allows the cells to quickly respond to energy needs when having chromatin modifications,” as the SCB stated during the announcement.

Other CRG researchers and collaborators were finalists for the SCB Prizes. Toni Gabaldón, ICREA research professor and group leader of the Comparative Genomics laboratory for the best article prize. Also, Marc Brusosa, a secondary student who performed his research project as an intern at the Design of Biological Systems laboratory, was finalist at the Research Project for Secondary Students. 

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