IMIM: The health risks of excess weight

IMIM: The health risks of excess weight

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Overweight or obesity increases the risk of cardiovascular disease or cancer exponentially. Such is the conclusion of the FRESCO study (Spanish Risk Function of Coronary and Other Events), led by IMIM researchers and doctors at Hospital del Mar, who has monitored for 10 years 54,446 people from 7 autonomous communities.

Only 26% of those who participated in the study had a weight considered normal (below 25 points of the body mass index, BMI). Obese women are 5 times more likely to have cardiovascular disease and 12 times more likely to develop cancer than those with a normal weight. If they are overweight, even if they do not reach obesity, there is an increase in the risk of double the possibilities in the case of cardiovascular pathologies, and four times more in oncology.

The influence of weight on male health is slightly lower. Thus, obesity multiplies by two the possibilities of developing some type of cancer, but it does not influence significantly in the case of cardiovascular diseases. It’s the first time in Spain that a group of this importance is analyzed.

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Reference article:
Barroso M, Interaction between cardiovascular risk factors and body mass index and 10-year incidence of cardiovascular disease, cancer death, and overall mortality. Prev Med 2017