CRG: Tuning stem cell fate

CRG: Tuning stem cell fate

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The research group of Luciano Di Croce, from the CRG, has discovered that RYBP and CBX7, two proteins essential for gene regulation, are at the heart of the most critical decision faced by embryonic stem cells: what type of cells to become. These findings, published in the last issue of Cell Reports, shed light on the molecular mechanisms involved in stem cell biology and might have important therapeutic implications.

Using the most advanced sequencing technology, Di Croce and his coworkers analyzed 2.64 billion DNA nucleotides from mouse embryonic stem cells to determine which regions are controlled by PRC1-RYBP as compared to PRC1-CBX7. Both complexes shared some biological functions. Surprisingly, however, the two complex subtypes also performed distinct functions. “We were able to show that these two complex subtypes can have different roles, with one involved more in metabolism and the other more in development”, commented Morey, first author of the paper.

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