ISGlobal: "R&D: In Quest of Alternative Models"

ISGlobal: "R&D: In Quest of Alternative Models"

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One third of the world’s population lacks the necessary medicines, either because they are inexistent or unaffordable. This is a clear sign that the current R&D model is broken. With these words, Gonzalo Fanjul, Policy Analysis Director at ISGlobal – an institute supported by “la Caixa” Foundation- opened the seminar “Science for Patients” that took place at CaixaForum in Barcelona on June 14 and 15. The event forms part of a project funded by the Open Society Foundations, with the goal of promoting the participation of the scientific community in the debate on R&D models and access to medicines.    

For ISGlobal’s General Director, Antoni Plasència, the project opens a series of questions: Are our research results being translated into practical solutions? Are the new medicines affordable? Who is being excluded? What can we do as researchers in the face of a system with obvious limitations?

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