ISGlobal: "Cognitive decline is slower in greener neighbourhoods"

ISGlobal: "Cognitive decline is slower in greener neighbourhoods"

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Contact with greenspace may play a positive role against cognitive decline in elderly. This is the main conclusion of a study conducted by ISGlobal researchers and published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives after performing a 10 years follow-up of 6,500 people aged 45 to 68 from the Whitehall II cohort in the United Kingdom.

At three different timepoints, participants completed a battery of cognitive tests that assessed their verbal and mathematical reasoning, verbal fluency and short-term memory, as well as the decline in these functions. "Our data show that the decline in the cognitive score after the 10-years follow up was 4.6% smaller in participants living in greener neighbourhoods. Interestingly enough, the observed associations were stronger among women, which make us think that these relations might be modified by gender”, Carmen de Keijzer, first author of the study, explains. - Carlos Sierra / PRBB

Reference article:
de Keijzer C., Tonne C., Basagaña X., Valentín A., Singh-Manoux A., Alonso J., Antó J.M., Nieuwenhuijsen M., Sunyer J., Dadvand P. Residential Surrounding Greenness and Cognitive Decline: A 10-Year Follow-up of the Whitehall II CohortEnvironmental Health Perspectives, 2018

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