You are the company you keep

You are the company you keep

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In a paper published in Nature Communications, scientists at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) describe the development of a new method, named “rec-YnH”, which was designed to understand the complexes formed between hundreds of proteins and RNAs at the same time.

The method, whose development was led by Sebastian Maurer in collaboration with the Luis Serrano laboratory, is the first technique that allows the detection of interactions between a large number of proteins and RNA molecules at the same time. The researchers put emphasis on the development of a doable and affordable method which is widely applicable.

“Our method reliably measures interactions between many proteins or many proteins and RNA fragments without the need for expensive, specialized equipment,” explains Sebastian Maurer. “This methodology can be used by any standard biomedical research laboratory and will be useful for studying a particular process in the cell but also for researchers having to explore millions of protein interactions at a time to look for a complex involved in a particular disease,” he concludes.

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Jae-Seong Yang, Mireia Garriga-Canut, Nele Link, Carlo Carolis, Katrina Broadbent, Violeta Beltran, Luis Serrano, and Sebastian P. Maurer. “rec-YnH: An assay for the many-by-many detection of direct protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions” Nature Communications (2018).