Crowdfunding initiative launched to tackle Cockroach Pest Control

Crowdfunding initiative launched to tackle Cockroach Pest Control

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Researchers at the Institute of Evolutionary Biology (IBE), led by Maria-Dolors Piulachs, want to contribute to the society wellbeing with a new strategy to face cockroach pests control in our cities.

"Cockroaches are one of the most common pests in our cities. Its adaptation to urban environments and its great mobility facilitate the transmission of bacteria and other pathogenic vectors, as well as causing allergic reactions that can lead to asthmatic conditions. We want to contribute to the development of new more specific and effective control methods, based on the identification of genes whose modification could cause the sterility of these insects" says Maria-Dolors Piulachs, when asked about the project.

With the initial goal of 3,000 euros in 30 days, the team embarks on a crowdfunding campaign to finance part of the research. "We know the genes involved in the reproduction of the cockroach Blattella germanica," says Jose Luis Maestro, IBE principal investigator and member of the initiative team. "We only lack the resources to implement the CRISPR Cas9 technique in this model and thus carry on studies that will lead to reduce its reproduction."

You can help the "PON FRENO A LAS CUCARACHAS" team by donating here, or simply by spreading the campaign to help them reach more people.


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