PRBB researchers talk about preprints on Open Access Week

PRBB researchers talk about preprints on Open Access Week

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As every year, the end of October celebrates the Open Access Week.

From the PRBB #ellipse, we talk to different stakeholders of the scientific community (researchers, press officers, librarians) about the best way to increase accessibility to research results. From a critical look at the current research publication system, its problems and potential solutions, we focus specifically on preprints – a way of sharing scientific results before their peer review and their official publication in a scientific journal.

Check out the ellipse article to find out the opinions of:

  • Richard Sever, Assistant Director of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press and Co-Founder of bioRxiv & medRxiv
  • Robert Castelo (researcher at DCEXS-UPF)
  • Esther Barreiro (researcher at IMIM)
  • Gautam Dey (postdoc at University College of London – UCL) and member of the Prelight community
  • Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo (researcher at IBE: CSIC-UPF)
  • Kristina Haase (researcher at EMBL Barcelona)
  • Juan Ramon González (Associate Research Professor at ISGlobal)
  • Omar Jamshed (press officer at CRG)
  • Mar Garreta (librarian at UPF)


Enjoy and keep the conversation going!

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