Snapshots from Mission Microplastics

Snapshots from Mission Microplastics

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Highlights from the Tara stopovers in Rome, Marseille, and Barcelona

Tara was docked within view of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB) from 4–9 October. The stopover coincided with the PRBB’s annual open day on 5 October, when EMBL Barcelona and the five other biomedical research institutes housed in the PRBB open their doors to the public for a day of talks, tours, and activities. There was a Tara focus to EMBL Barcelona’s offerings this year, with samples of aquatic organisms imaged at EMBL’s Mesoscopic Imaging Facility on display.

Tara is now in the final weeks of Mission Microplastics, which is scheduled to conclude with the boat’s arrival in Lorient, France, on 23 November. It’s the end of the voyage, but for the scientists involved, the collection of samples is just the start of their work. Now to analyse the data!

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