ISGlobal researchers, again among the most cited researchers in the world

ISGlobal researchers, again among the most cited researchers in the world

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For the second year in a row, ISGlobal researchers Mark Nieuwenhuijsen and Jordi Sunyer are among the Web of Science’s Group Highly Cited Researchers list. This prestigious ranking includes scientists whose publications are within the most cited 1% in their field, over the last year .

The Highly Cited Researchers list aims at identifying the most influential scientists across 21 disciplines, and is established every year by an expert team in bibliometry from the Institute for Scientific Information of the Web of Science group. The 2019 edition includes a total of 6,217 scientists from 60 different countries, including 23 Nobel laureates.

Mark Nieuwenhuijsen is the director of the Urban Planning, Environment and Health Initiative at ISGlobal, and of the Air Pollution and Urban Environment Programme . He has over 400 scientific publications with nearly 25,000 citations.

Jordi Sunyer directs the Childhood and Environment programme at ISGlobal, and leads the BiSC Project that investigates the effects of air pollution during pregnancy and early childhood. Throughout his scientific career, he has published almost 700 papers that have been cited more than 31,000 times.


As well as from the ISGlobal, IMIM and CRG researchers are also included in this list.


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