The FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award Committee met at the CRG

The FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award Committee met at the CRG

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The meeting was hosted by Isabelle Vernos, leader of the Microtubule Function and Cell Division research group, Chair of the Gender Balance Committee at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), and EMBO Member since 2018. Other EMBO members part of the committee that met in Barcelona last week are: Cecilia Arraiano, Thomas Boehm, Francis Brodsky, Frauke Melchior, Bassem Hassan, Thomas Nyström, Anne Dejean and Gerlind Wallon, from EMBO.

The FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award is a joint initiative of FEBS and EMBO. Launched in 2007, the aim of the award is to highlight the major contributions made by female scientists to life sciences research. Winners of the award will serve as inspiring role models for future generations of women in science.

Each year an individual woman working in the life sciences will be recognized for her exceptional achievements. The winner will be honoured at the annual FEBS Congress, where she will receive a prize of €10,000 and a statuette*, and present a special plenary lecture.

The winner of the 2019 FEBS | EMBO Women in Science Award was Sara Linse (Lund University, Sweden). Previous winners were Frauke Melchior (2018), Ottoline Leyser (2017), Fiona Watt (2016), Caroline Dean (2015), Pascale Cossart (2014), Geneviève Almouzni (2013), Susan Gasser (2012), Carol Robinson (2011), Ingrid Grummt (2010), Anne Houdusse (2009) and Naama Barkai (2008).


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