CRG: Cell reprogramming to cure leukaemia and lymphoma

CRG: Cell reprogramming to cure leukaemia and lymphoma

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Researchers from the CRG led by Thomas Graf have reprogrammed lymphoma and leukaemia cells to halt their malignancy. Using the C/EBPα transcription factor they have transformed cancerous blood cells into macrophages, a type of cell that doesn’t divide. The resulting cells remain benign even when no longer subjected to treatment and reduce the likelihood of developing new tumours. The results of the study are published in this week’s edition of the prestigious scientific journal Cell Reports.

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Francesca Rapino, Eloy F. Robles, Jose A. Richter-Larrea, Eric M. Kallin, Jose A, Martínez-Climent and Thomas Graf. C/EBPαinduces highly efficient macrophage transdifferentiation of selected B-lymphoma / leukemia cell lines and impairs their tumorigenicity. Cell Reports. March 28, 2013.