Ready, set, action: new tools to film genome dynamics

Ready, set, action: new tools to film genome dynamics

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The way in which chromosomes occupy a 3-D space is crucial for regulating genome function and processes essential for life, such as DNA replication, transcription and DNA-damage repair. 

In the past few years, technological advances have revealed much about how genomes organize themselves, improving our understanding of how genes are expressed and providing new insights for cell development and disease.

However, much of this knowledge is based on static pictures of genomes, which provides a limited view of a highly dynamic environment. Now, scientists at the CNAG-CRG and CRG have developed TADdyn, a tool that can generate movies of how genomes change over time. The findings have been recently published in Nature Communications.


Di Stefano M, Stadhouders R et al. Transcriptional activation during cell reprogramming correlates with the formation of 3D open chromatin hubs. (2020) 11:2564 |

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