CRG: Appearances can be deceiving

CRG: Appearances can be deceiving

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Researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation led by Miguel Beato have just revealed that PLK1 kinase, up to now thought to be related to cancer, can also be crucial for the proper functioning of the cell. The article was published in the journal Cell Reports.

"What we have seen using genomics and proteomics techniques is that when PLK1 is expressed in the correct amounts it participates in the response to oestrogen and is needed to control and regulate the genes that stop cell division", explains Miguel Beato, head of the Chromatin and Gene Expression group at the Centre for Genomic Regulation. "Our work demonstrates that PKL is not always an indicator of poor prognosis. It is important that we learn to use this information and, when we design breast cancer treatments, take into account the fact that we need only reduce high levels of PLK1, which could be harmful, and try to maintain the physiological levels", he adds.

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Wierer et al., PLK1 Signaling in Breast Cancer Cells Cooperates with Estrogen Receptor-Dependent Gene Transcription, Cell Reports (2013)