CRG: A step forward in neuronal regeneration

CRG: A step forward in neuronal regeneration

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Researchers from the CRG led by Pia Cosma have discovered a pathway that triggers the reprogramming and regeneration of retinal neurones. Using the cell fusion mechanism, consisting of introducing bone marrow stem cells into the damaged retina, the autors managed to get the new undifferentiated cells fuse with the retinal neurones. These retinal neurones then acquired the ability to regenerate the tissue.

The work was published on July 11 in the journal Cell Reports and reveals that the reprogramming of retinal neurones is possible and also describes a new mechanism for regenerating neural tissue. "This discovery is important not only because of the possible medical applications for retinal regeneration but also for the possible regeneration of other nervous tissues", says Daniela Sanges, first author of the work and postdoctoral researcher in Pia Cosma's laboratory.

Reference article: Sanges D, Romo N, Simonte G, Di Vicino U, Diaz Tahoces A, Fernández E and Cosma MP. "Wnt/β-Catenin Signalling Triggers Neuron Reprogramming and Regeneration in the Mouse RetinaCell Reports. July 11, 2013. 


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