The PRBB animal facility revalidates the AAALAC accreditation

The PRBB animal facility revalidates the AAALAC accreditation

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After a hard and extensive audit that assessed the implementation of new work processes in accordance with the requirements of the AAALAC (International Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care), the PRBB animal facility has in October 2013 revalidated its accreditation, which was first obtained in June 2010.

The new accreditation includes the connected UBIOMEX facility in Dr. Aiguader 80 and other improvements: a training plan for the members of the ethics committee, staff and scientists, the correct identification of drugs applied to the animals, anonymous communication mechanisms to report incidences or a separate emergency plan for the facility, just to mention a few.

AAALAC is recognized by scientific journals, it certifies the labor standards that are required for NIH projects and it meets the quality requirements for collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

The renewal of the accreditation of the animal facility, directed by Juan Martín Caballero, has only been possible because of the close collaboration of the departments of human resources and general services of the Consorci PRBB, the Ethical Committee for Animal Research, the maintenance company Agefred and the company Charles River, who provides personnel for the facility.