CRG: A big step for cell reprogramming

CRG: A big step for cell reprogramming

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A group of researchers from the Centre for Genomic Regulation have discovered a faster and more efficient mechanism for reprogramming induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS). The discovery, published online in Nature, decreases the time needed for cell reprogramming from a couple of weeks to a few days and reveals new information on the reprogramming process for iPS cells and their potential medical applications.

"Our group was using a particular transcription factor (C/EBPα) to reprogramme one type of blood cell into another (transdifferentiation). We have now discovered that this factor also acts as a catalyst when reprogramming adult cells into iPS", explains the leader of the study Thomas Graf, senior group leader at the CRG and ICREA research professor.

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Bruno Di Stefano, Jose Luís Sardina, Chris van Oevelen, Samuel Collombet, Eric M. Kallin, Guillermo P. Vicent, Jun Lu, Denis Thieffry, Miguel Beato and Thomas Graf. 'C/EBPα poises B cells for rapid reprogramming into iPS cells' Nature. Online advanced 15 Dec 2013. DOI: